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We have officially switch to a new spam filter provider.
Please see our Announcement for more information.

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Junk Mail Filter

One or more of your Visual Link Internet email addresses are equipped with a spam filter. This service is provided by Roaring Penguin, a leading provider of e-mail security for spam filtering and virus detection. The good news is that your filter is ready to go without any modification or setup necessary.

You will receive a periodic report email listing filtered messages that you can review and deliver to your inbox or delete permanently. Deleting unwanted messages from this area is also entirely optional. Messages left in the filter will expire and delete automatically after 21 days . You will also find a “Report spam” link at the bottom of each message in your inbox. This link can be used to report any undesired messages that make it through to your inbox. Doing this helps to improve the accuracy of your spam filter when filtering future messages.

Although it is entirely optional, if you do wish to modify or customize your settings you can login using your full e-mail address on the left side of our website at

When you login, you will be presented with the Pending Messages screen. This is your personal area where potential junk and virus-infected e-mail are quarantined, and it is also the starting point for you to customize your spam filter. You can review detained messages and then choose to accept them or discard them.

Option to customize your spam filtering rules
Once you have logged into the Roaring Penguin interface, you can click on the “Rules” option on the top menu bar. On the left, you will find options to make rules for a specific sender or an entire domain. You can choose what action to take for mail from specific sources here. Customers who had our prior spam filtering service will find that their prior settings have been already been migrated to roaring penguin. We suggest that existing clients verify that their choices appear correct.

Option to set up specific preferences to customize your spam filter interface
By clicking on the “Preferences” option on the top menu bar you can access different personal preference settings to customize your experience. For example, you can change the number of messages shown per page, the date format, and the sort order for filtered messages.

Specific help with part of the Roaring Penguin Interface
Online help is available in several locations throughout the interface. Most pages have a pale yellow online documentation and/or show help link in the upper right hand part of the screen. By using these help links, you can obtain detailed assistance with all aspects of the Roaring Penguin interface. You can also view the user's guide by clicking the “Users Guide” link at the bottom of any page.

For help with issues not covered here or in the online help, you can contact Visual Link technical support via phone at 540-754-1566 or via email to