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Commercial Web Page Rules

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Visual Link Internet offers its commercial users web site space subject to the following regulations:
  1. This commercial web site is to be used for the commercial use of Visual Link Internet clients.
  2. This commercial web site space and/or bandwidth is not for resale or transfer to others in any manner or form.
  3. The commercial web sites are limited to a maximum of 8mb of space on the server. If you need more than 8mb, additional space is available in 1mb increments at $1.00/month per MB.
  4. The commercial customer may choose to have his/her pages hosted on a secured server (no FTP allowed) or a non-secured server.
  5. If the commercial customer chooses to have FTP access, he/she will be given access to his/her web site and is responsible for FTPing data and for making all future modifications and for backups.
  6. The customer will not plagiarize or interfere with any other websites or data on the server.
  7. The customer will not upload, knowingly or otherwise, damaging files to the web server.
  8. The customer will use customary practices to protect his password and access to the web server. Visual Link Internet requires that if the user allows others to access his/her free personal web site, they do so in a monitoring situation and accept full responsibility for the action of anyone he/she allows to use the server.
  9. Visual Link Internet makes no warrantee for nor does it technically support any of the software used for creating, maintaining or transfering web page data, even if recommended for use by Visual Link Internet.
  10. Visual Link Internet will not accept copyrighted material for which the user does not have permission to display.
  11. Visual Link Internet will not accept material that is of an illegal nature.
  12. Visual Link Internet reserves the right to check the content of commercial web sites.
  13. Visual Link Internet reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notice.

Should the above rules not be adhered to by the user, Visual Link Internet reserves the right to cancel and delete the user's commercial web page.

If you have any questions, please contact