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Internet Options Pricing

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Residential & Commercial Wireless Services†**

Plan Price Download Upload
Basic $69.00 6 Mbps 2Mbps
Pro   $99.00 10Mbps 4Mbps
Pro+*  $139.00 25Mbps 6Mbps
Pro++* $159.00 35Mbps 10Mbps


Included Features

Dedicated Circuit

Plan Price Download Upload
Dedicated 10 $275 10Mbps 10Mbps
Dedicated 15 $475 15Mbps 15Mbps
Dedicated 20 $725 20Mbps 20Mbps


Included Features


Other Internet Options & Services

Plan Price Download Upload
Dial-up @12.95 Up To 56K
DSL Starting @ $29.95 Check for Speeds


Site survey required with a fee of $25. Site survey fee will be credited to second billing period.
*Not all service plans are available in all areas
**All speeds are burst rate speeds and may vary depending on network utilization. Setup and install fee starting at $250. Setup and install fee may vary depending on type of installation. Setup and Install fee is non-refundable. $10/Month lease Fee on all equipment.
***Addtional $10/Month Per IP Address