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Propel Setup Instructions for Windows

Home » Support » Dial-Up Setup Menu » Propel for Windows

Installing Propel

Installation of the Propel software only takes a few minutes and should be identical regardless of what version of Windows you are using. 

  1. Once you have removed Sure Speed, download the propel software from
  1. Navigate to the location where you saved the install file. 
  1. Run the install file and follow the on screen prompts. (This may be a single-click, or double-click depending on your version of Windows and how your computer is set up. If a single-click does not open the installer window try double-clicking on the icon.)  If you are prompted to reboot when the installation completes be sure to reboot as this is a very important step.
  1. When Propel pops up and asks you for your username and password provide your Visual Link username and password. (Be sure to not include the part.) 
  1. You can explore and customize your Propel acceleration settings by right-clicking on the new Propel icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. And choosing options from the popup menu.